About Lasha Krikheli

Juicy details about me coming soon! In the meantime, read this:

I develop using HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, and jQuery, integrating with various backend platforms. I am passionate about learning new things, accessibility, user experience design, and how people interact with things, physically and emotionally. I believe in using simple and intuitive interfaces to help people achieve their goals.

I have worked with brands including Chase, Tresemme, GE, University of California, Tough Mudder, Canon, and Bloomingdales. Having worked on such variety of projects, I've gained the discipline that allows me to work on and adapt to any size project. Awesomeness is best achieved through the collaborative efforts of supportive teams.

I am a huge fan of good food, mixed martial arts, arm wrestling, traveling, social media, blogging, biking, photography, philosophy, science, technology, and quirky things. In addition to all of these "hobbies", I can hold a solid conversation on just about anything. I love people!

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